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Computer Environments is based in Dallas, Texas and has been manufacturing access flooring  since 1972. CEI is a family owned and operated business that has been passed down through three generations; We take great pride in crafting  our products onsite in the United States. Custom orders can be made to suit a variety of needs.

In 2015 CEI acquired Maxcess Aluminum Floors and continues to expand  the product line. Maxcess floor tiles can be machined to fit with  CEI floor systems allowing for a wide variety of  layouts and uses. Maxcess has added machining capabilities allowing aluminum panels to be machined to fit in many legacy raised access flooring systems.

Aluminum raised access flooring

Maxcess GP24

Teccore 2

 CEI is the only manufacturer of new TecCore 2 replacement panels for C-Tec floor systems. TecCore 2 panels are available with wood or cementitious cores. New perforated panels are also available. CEI stocks all available colors of Nevamar® laminate making matching your existing floor system a breeze.

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